Baby Beau’s next chapter

Baby Beau has had a little homepage facelift and I think it’s looking awesome! Really excited about the next chapter

I have been quiet for some time now as most of you mummy’s know it’s hard trying to run a business whilst having children just surviving the day is hard some days , I haven’t managed it at all!!

It was decision time MAKE or BRAKE and my decision was MAKE, make it happen, make it a success!

I love finding new suppliers, searching the internet for hours trying to find the new quirky thing out there, but stopping and starting all the time doesn’t help business in anyway and I really was not getting anywhere.

But now the boys are at school and pre-school it has made it easier to focus on Baby Beau and make a proper go at something I am so passionate about the reason I started Baby Beau up in the first place to find cool, unique, quirky (the list could go on) accessories and to build something amazing for you me and everyone!

My next major challenge is the social media side of things which I am not good at at all but I know I’ve got to do it, if anyone has any tips and advice that would be greatly appreciated!